2017 Represents 31 years of Gerry McGinley’s involvement in the professional

buying and selling of Australian and World coins.

I first responded to an advertisement from Lyall McDonanld who ran Festival City Numismatics which appeared in the “Coin Review” in March 1986.  I purchased an old Rennicks album containing Australian 1/2d’s 1911 – 1964, in rows of 8, each exhibiting mint lustre!  All coins, except 1915, 1918, 1923, 1931, 1939 Roo and 1944 Melbourne were represented.  A great bulk quantity to buy ($4,500.00) subsequent transactions led Lyall to invite me to exhibit at the National Coin Fair staging at the Wynyard Travel Lodge in Sydney June 1986.  I learn’t the ways of the world extremely quickly.

First sale was a 1910 Florin in lustrous gEf to the late Rick Green of “Coin Finders”, a former Vietnam Veteran (who always carried a gun!!).  He taught me early on not to tolerate fools!  Met and worked for “Grant Morton Coins” from 1988 purely part time, but wrote up coins in 2″ x 2″ at the rate of knots!  “Poached” by Stewart Wright in 1990 when Grant Morton” succumbed to the old Flemish proverb:  “big fish eat little fish”.

I gained my “stripes” after a mid-life crisis (lasting 18 months) back in 1998 and commenced business as: ‘AT THE TOSS OF A COIN’, 30 Grote Street, Adelaide in June 1999.  Endured dozen’s of cash flow crisis’, bought and sold zillions of coins and eventually resigned myself to the fact that I can actually grade coins!!!!! I currently maintain my
business after fathering 2 magnificent sons with “attitude” and a wife to match!

Continuing to buy and sell as enthusiastically as ever and loves the industry as much as when I started.

My collecting interests include the coinage of Ireland, South Africa, German East Africa and British Farthings & Shillings 1807 – 1970.  Stamps from Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Papua & New Guinea and related philately.  Also local (S.A.N.F.L.) football badges, budgets, medals, cigarette & trade cards and related ephemera.  Boer War memorabilia is my specialist interest and I have toured “the battlefield route” in South Africa extensively (Orange Free State, Cape Province, Natal and surrounds).  I specialize in the Siege of Mafeking (1900) and have a substantial collection of related items.

I hope to continue in my obsessive and compulsive way as long as the “Great Time-Keeper” will permit and hope like crazy that one of my sons will continue in this most fascinating of occupations.  I have no qualifications but after 25 years feel that I am a pronounced expert in pyschiatry, human nature and am without doubt a councillor of families in dispute with greed the great motivator!

I love people but I can’t stand their reliance on technology for information.  Please respect my business for what it is:  “a creché for middle-aged men” and visit my shop at 500 Brighton Road, BRIGHTON Adelaide.  Indulge yourself in your passion as I do every day…