DONE – change heading 4 to be slightly smaller font (no bigger than the font of categories above)

DONE – address & phone in right hand side above [BACK] on all the posts

– shade darker background for CATEGORIES between 2 black lines

DONE– can you also change top info of home page into 2 columns like below

DONE– please also change the info under the picture of ABOUT US into 2 columns

WILL LOOK INTO IT– can you select some items to move to [MY FAVOURITE ITEMS] page with the option to print that page as ref.

Tuesday 6/7/11

DONE more things I can’t remember now

DONE Fix tossing men on category pages – problem in firefox browser

DONE Double slideshow in header in correct position

DONE Back to top for category pages – can you please make the font the same size as home / about us…

DONE change colour to blue small capitals for CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

DONE Toss coin guys to move to center on Home Page – we actually said to leave them as they were on the right hand side & I will include more info & photo …

DONE can you put a boxed line around the features images slideshow to make it stand out better

DONE change bottom left AT THE TOSS OF A COIN – from “AT… to only ‘AT…

DONE Also remember to fix the table for fairs/events because I need to add some upcoming fairs again but the widths of the col. keep changing…


FEATURE SLIDESHOW IS GETTING THERE… Michael got me on the right track, and I’ve been making changes to it to better style it in keeping with the page. Just waiting for him to get back to me with some advice on fixing the image issue so that the rectangles are not all cropped square.

CHANGED MOST– colour codes (red= #800000) (blue= #003366) (dark grey= #333333) (light grey= #808080) (black= #000000)